Action Motion Capture Workshop in Atlanta GA a Success!

The Summer Seminar Series continues after a successful Action Motion Capture Performance Intensive this June 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. This inside look at an industry poised to take over the performance field was lead by industry professionals  and . The perspective these instructors brought to the table, opened the eyes of everyone in the classroom to the demands of this unique field. These two professionals have brought their skills to video games around the world, including the SAINTS ROW video game series. 

The course focused on character building, in-game movement, action storytelling, and cut-scene performance. Students’ imaginations were challenged to develop uncommon characters for extraordinary circumstances. And from club wielding humanoids to warrior salamanders, the class rose to meet those expectations! 

On Camera Combatives is proud to be not just a training program, but a network for all those in the action media world. To fins out more about our upcoming seminars with some of the world’s leading instructors and professionals, visit out events page!

Check out the video below for a small taste of the action that took place! 

Later in that class, the students began debating the themes of the book and she other students immediately start recording the college homework help websites debate which was seamlessly added to the participating students’ portfolios

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