OCC Rocks Terminus June 2016

On Camera Combatives was honored to run an interactive fight choreography panel at this year’s premiere entertainment expo for emerging filmmakers: Terminus 2016. The festival and conference was held in downtown Atlanta, GA and was presented by Campus Movie Fest and Seeker. The event brought young professionals and established industry veterans together to share, network and learn.

With 150+ participants, OCC  helped achieve this mission by introducing our system of fight movement to both performers and production. In our 1.5 hour panel we managed to run participants through the challenges of creating authentic action on screen, how to make movement dynamic, and most importantly how to use combat to tell a story.

“This was my favorite panel by far… like wow”, stated Erik Brenan, a young filmmaker and award recipient from Indiana, “this is really going to change the way I approach action scenes… in fact it really effects the way I think about making films.”

Head Instructor Ryan Monolopolus and Instructor Jake Guinn co-instructed the panel, along with Action DP Jeremy Cournyea and stunt professionals Liam Day and Jessica Williams. The class also involved the breakdown of a choreography from the idea, to the physical movements, to the shooting process, and a short screening of the final result.

“This was simply fantastic for me as an actress. I have always wanted to be able to sell action on screen and perform some of my own fights…to make me more valuable as an actor…. this is gong to change my game,” stated an enthusiastic Emily Boyle from Orlando, FL.

OCC would like to thank Campus Movie Fest, Ideas United, We Make, and the entire network from bringing OCC on baord for the event. With other panels including James Gunn (Director of Guardians of the Galaxy) and an array of industry professionals, fun parties, and great connections, Terminus 2016 was a major success.

To book OCC for your event, conference, or festival – write us today! Das Seite web schreiben von rezensionen und glossen mache ich seit vielen jahren

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