“Our mission is to create authentic and dynamic
storytelling though on-screen action.”

– Ryan Monolopolus, Founder

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We are an international team of highly-skilled martial artists, combat experts, actors, and industry professionals. Our instructors are all experts in their fields, with years of teaching and performing experience. We strive to bring together independent and union performers to best service the world of film and media. The company was formed in 2014 by actor/martial artist Ryan Monolopolus in Atlanta, GA to create a universal system of fight movement.


On Camera Combatives has a global network of training locations, affiliates and instructors. We currently have training groups in:


Atlanta, Georgia, USA


New York, New York, USA
Buffalo-Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Los Angeles, California, USA

Affiliate Regions

Affiliate Regions:
Sudburry, Ontario, Canada
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Our approach is simple: Real World Tactics – World Class Results. We have taken various aspects of martial arts, dance and combat systems and built them into an easy-to-understand and conceptually consistent program.

Performance for the screen is our primary focus – but the training is also applicable for fitness, acting and self-defense. Consequently, we have modified practices to be as safe and intuitive as possible while maintaining the aesthetic and athletic skills needed for this type of work. In this way, no one is too advanced and no one is too novice.

OCC is proud to have created a universal system of fight movement to create the most authentic and dynamic performances possible. We have also created a uniform language to be used between actors, choreographers and filmmakers to better communication and results for everyone involved.

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On Camera Combatives is the premier organization for training fight movement in film. Joining OCC allows you to train in a system practiced in major film markets across the USA, Canada, and beyond. This boosts employability, networking, and on-set efficiency. We are here to take your performance and fitness to the next level, which is something that everyone stands to benefit from.

Producers hire us because of our expansive network of talented instructors and performers; we are able to fulfill most needs for production and performance in action films. The program also allows for acting schools and industry events to bring exciting and unique programming to their clientele, hitting a growing of action related media.

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